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You have a lot of options when you're looking to build a website for your scouting unit. We think you should look around at what else is available before you subscribe with us. We're confident that you'll see why ScoutSprout is the best. Compare these features:

Feature ScoutSprout Average Competitor
Support ScoutSprout offers top-notch support - you are our lifeblood and we don't forget that. All requests are answered (by real humans!) within a day, most within an hour, usually within minutes - the average response time this past business week is minutes. Email support is completely free to subscribers and trial users. Few providers can match our fast response time. When you do hear back, expect a canned response that may or may not address what you really asked.
Easy Editing ScoutSprout provides an online HTML editor with drag-and-drop widgets to edit your website contents. You don't need to know any HTML to create rich web pages. Pages are automatically templated in your site's theme, and you can change the look of all in one fell swoop. Most web hosts don't give you the ability to edit your content online in the first place. Most of those who do require that you know HTML. Need to change your site template? Get busy, you'll be editing a lot of pages.
Experience We bring years of experience to the table. Our software has been in use since 1999. Since this time, it has served over a billion pages. We know our system inside and out, and use this experience to give you a rock-solid website with reliable support. We are here to stay. Web hosts have a well-earned reputation of being fly-by-night operations. It's a difficult business, and many hosts launch with bargain basement prices, hoping to make a profit from volume. They eventually fail and close, taking your website along with them.
Interaction ScoutSprout was built around online interaction. It's at the heart of the system. Users can chat, send messages, and much more. It makes your website fun, it brings your members closer together, and it shows people on the "outside" that your scouting unit is a welcoming place. Interaction? With most providers, all you get are a bunch of web pages that sit online and gather dust. They're like phone books in the Internet age.
Price We know your budget is a concern. Times are hard and a website may seem unnecessary. That's why our prices are so reasonable. We keep costs low with our turnkey solution. We don't even charge a setup fee! Most companies charge based on how many features you want, when it doesn't really cost them any extra to offer them. On top of that, their base rates are higher than ours.
Built For Scouting Units At ScoutSprout, scouting unit websites are our focus. Our laser-like targeting means that we can give you exactly the website you're looking for at a very reasonable price. Try finding a scouting unit website provider that isn't just one of the many arms of a generic web hosting company. Many are just bare-bones web hosting providers that make you do all the work, and charge you just as much to do it!
Unlimited Pages You can create as many pages as you wish for your site. You're only restricted by your site's disk space quota, but unless you're planning on creating tens of thousands of pages, this won't be an issue. We want you to be able to express yourself without worrying about artifical limits. It's common for scouting unit web hosts to limit the number of pages you can create. There's no good reason to do this, other than to get you to pay more money.
Free Trial We don't expect you to decide on a website without seeing it first. Demo sites are fine, but why not start working on your own? You get your trial site within seconds, and you can personalize and administer it free for two weeks. Almost no other providers give instant free trial sites. Some do give trial sites, but you need to request them and wait. Some require setup deposits.
Fun! ScoutSprout gives you an intangible but important feature: it's fun! It's fun for the administrators to add news and edit pages. It's even more fun for your users to talk on your site. Both you and your members will love the site, and want to return often. How many sites have you visited that make you want to return on a regular basis?

Try us out! We're powerful, easy, affordable, and fun. Keep this in mind as you're searching for other website providers. We hope you'll come back to us when you're done.

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